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Wedding Invitation Wording Samples


The wedding invitation is the first thing everyone will notice about your wedding. The invite is basically a paper depiction of what you are planning, so choose one that speaks volumes. There is a lot more that goes into choosing a wedding invitation than just picking out the prettiest one and then inserting your names and dates on it. You have to know how to word it and what you want it to say.

Do you want it traditional or are you looking for a theme. What kind of wedding are you having? You donít want to send a lacy and frilly card to your invitees if you are having an informal, dress down wedding. Nor do you want your invitation to look like your guests have been invited to a birthday party. Take your time, give it some thought and donít be quick to choose.

Most people either choose to buy or make their own wedding invitations. What you choose will depend on the look you are going for and your finances. There are plenty of computer programs out there that can help anyone make the ideal invitation for their special day. Also, with the way laser and inkjet printers are these days, no one will be able to tell they are homemade.

You can also buy your wedding invitations through any of the numerous companies that sell them. They can be found on the internet, at your local print shop, floral shop and many formal wear stores.

If you choose to order them, make sure that you proofread them extremely carefully for errors, then let your relative or friend read it. You wonít be able to fix it after they have been printed. Make sure you have made your guest list before ordering so you donít get stuck with too many or too few invitations.

Your invitations will set the tone of your wedding. You want to send an invitation that is going to represent the event. Don't send a traditional invitation if you are not having a traditional wedding. Add some zest to it in good taste, of course, so people can get a feel for what to expect. If you are having a theme wedding, go with invitations set around that. This is your wedding and you can make the invitations look anyway you like.

Choose a font that screams you. Go with a style that you just love. Many people have favorite fonts they like to use. Make sure that it represents you. The font you choose will pull the whole card together for you and make the look complete.

Next, choose a card style that fits the wedding style. There are many styles of cards. You can choose from an accordion style, tri-fold, bi-fold, or a single page, which might look like a fancy business card. If your wedding is simple, then go with a more simple design. Elaborate weddings need a more elaborate style. For theme weddings, you can use the style that was used during the time period or from the culture you have chosen.

What type of paper should you use and where can you find it? There are several types of paper with varying thickness and there are hundreds of styles to choose from. If you are buying your invitations, the vendor will display an album with dozens of styles to choose from and will recommend a specific thickness for your needs.

If you are making your own, you will be able to have more freedom. You can go to a large craft shop or a shop that specifically sells different paper types. You will be able to pick out whatever makes you happy. If you want to be able to fold your cards, donít choose a stock that's too thick. Use a medium weight paper that will crease and fold easily and not crack. You can go thicker if you only have a single page and wonít be folding. You can also get scroll paper and other paper types for theme weddings as well.

RSVP cards and the stamped return envelope are your next considerations. This is a must and will only require a single small page. If you are buying your invitations, you will get these with your order and the will match your invitation. If you are making these, you will need to make sure you add this to your to-do list or you wonít know how many people are coming.

You can purchase envelopes in a card store. Use the same paper or similar design for these. It should fundamentally acknowledge if your guest is coming and if they will bring a guest. You will put the card and envelope in with the invitation and send it. Remember to always pre-stamp your RSVP card, it would be very rude if you didnít.

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